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Disciples in all the nations

A Commentary by Constance Vanides

As a native-born San Franciscan, I have fond memories of crossing the San Francisco Bay to go to East Bay communities. At first it was by ferry boat.

Then, the remarkable feat of building the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge made it even easier to cross over by auto or by trains. Either way, I enjoyed looking at the moving lights of a particular billboard in the town of Emeryville, facing the San Francisco Bay.

The large ad depicted a world globe. Over it a can of paint “poured” its contents with moving lights, all over the globe. The sign’s advertising told readers to use the company’s paint to cover the earth, a big assignment!

When God’s Comfort for Today’s Needs was first published in 1986, a mass mailing made this book of inspired messages from God available across the United States. I placed a laminated map of the United States on my office wall. Pushpins tracked the location of Christian book dealers who purchased the book and sold it to their customers.

Six years later, after we published our next book, God’s Will in Today’s World, the Lord made it perfectly clear to both my husband and me that we were not to sell the books! In place of dealers, our “distributors” became a few chosen friends who then gave out thousands of the books as God led them.

When the books were all gone, the Lord provided wider ways of distributing His words. This time, the World Wide Web and God Cares, Help for Today and Hope for the Future, Christian Inspirations of Comfort, Edification and Exhortation the site you are now on, was the means to send God’s messages to the whole world!

The map of the world now graces my office wall. Each colored pushpin shows which country has logged onto the website. Our Logs tell us how many people have seen and read the messages of encouragement, the Lord directing those with internet capabilities to find messages with just the right words, on the website. If you click on the buttons above, you will be taken to large depositories of biblical references within the website.

It is God, who covers the earth, not with paint, but with His Word. The great commission of Jesus, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:16) is now partially evidenced on the map in my office!

More and more trained missionaries are being sent to the far corners of the earth with the message of Jesus Christ. Ordinary people go where they are led with power, signs and wonders, effecting changes which come when Jesus is in their midst!

And I am filled with hope and excitement, trusting in God’s promise given to Moses, “…but truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD…” (Numbers 14:21)


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