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A Commentary by Constance Vanides

(Recently I was asked to briefly speak on events in my life
that impacted me and led to the creation of this website. This is the transcript.)

These are my two books. They’re now out of print, but you can find them occasionally on eBay! The first one we published was God’s Comfort for Today’s Needs and the second was God’s Will in Today’s World. Both books carry the Lord’s messages as He began to speak them to me some 35 years ago.

Yes! God still speaks to us today! My husband, Tom, and I had left our church many years ago to look for God. We wandered in our own wilderness for about 15 years. God finally got our attention through a miracle healing of our nephew and we were born-again soon after. My aching to know more of God reflected itself in the many psalm-like poems of love and adoration I wrote, along with a great thirst and hunger to know Him personally. Tom and I both were seeking for what Jesus referred to as the “Promise of the Father.” (Luke 11:13) We were not disappointed, but rather received with joy the “baptism” or “infilling of the Spirit” and His accompanying gifts of the Spirit.

The Lord began to wake me up during the night with a sentence on my mind. The word-thoughts would not go away until I got up and wrote the words on paper. They would follow with another sentence, then another, and another, until the message ended and I returned to bed. In the morning I would be puzzled, “Where did these words come from?” Then, when I began to study the Bible for the first time, I realized the words were ones of instruction, encouragement and comfort, to strengthen the believers in the Church. (1 Corinthians 14:3)

The Lord then directed that we publish the messages, but told us later not to sell the books! “I’ve given you My words freely. Freely give!” (Matthew 10:8) After the books were given away, the Lord provided Tom with a computer and the wisdom and knowledge to create our website, GODCARES.ORG. The contents from both books, including their Spanish translations, along with a steady flow of new messages, now go to all the world, and are viewed by anywhere from 5,000 to almost 20,000 individuals each month!

Surely, God continues to speak to us today!

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© Constance Vanides