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Slow Down to Hear

A Commentary by Constance Vanides

“Truly the light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun…”
(Ecclesiastes 11:7)

One thing about getting older and the body slows down, there’s time to slowly awaken in the morning and hear the sounds of chattering birds.

Or, if by chance, or strong resolve, one wakes early enough to greet the dawn and watch for the rising of the sun, one notes the changing direction from where the sun rises to watch as the “greater Light” overcomes the darkness and shadowy shapes become familiar forms.

It takes time to take it all in, all the while meditating on the greatness of God, who created all.

And the very same God also created mankind, giving an intellect to be able to think, remember and appreciate what each sees and smells and hears and touches, able to move about. He also gives a bit of the spirit of creativity to man to express his thoughts in ways pleasing to his Creator. One calls that, “praise”. It’s available to everyone.

But it takes a bit of allotted time. And then the day begins and, like the shadows, familiar forms of daytime living crowd in and take over, if they are allowed to. It can be called “the rude awakening” to the day’s activities.

Slowing down, however, can recapture in measure some of that sweet early morning song.


“You’ve given me this day, Lord. Help me keep it fresh with every moment spent with You. Let me be aware of Your Presence, at all times, allowing Your guidance to lead Me where You would want me to go. Bring me into the fullness of Your light! Let me rest alone with You. Amen”

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