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"...as I wrote the words on paper, I began to realize it's God's desire for people to come to know Him so intimately they can trust Him totally to direct their lives."
— Constance Vanides

God's Will
in Today's World

Discovering what it means to be on track with God

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Do you know what God expects of you? Do you need assurance that what you're doing is acceptable in God's eyes? Are you "waiting upon the Lord" for guidance in a new situation?

Simply choose one of the message titles from the Table of Contents for your journey with Jesus Christ, or look into the Topical Index (which is set up by Keywords) or the Alphabetical Listing of Messages.You may also return to the GodCares.org Home Page.

The selection of messages in God's Will in Today's World reveals God's wisdom for lives dedicated to Him, answers to the needs of those who seek Him.

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