"...these comments from church leaders are but a sampling of many responses to the encouraging messages God has me sharing around the world. The words in God's Comfort cross denominational lines...they emphasize Spiritual thoughts to a generation needing to hear God's truths, and be comforted."
— Constance Vanides

God's Comfort for
Today's Needs

Comments From Church Leaders

Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie, former Chaplain, United States Senate.
"What joy your book brought to me. I am so happy that your messages are now in book form for those who need comfort in times of agony and disillusionment. These inspired words will mean hope and courage for new beginnings."

Ed Piorek, Pastor, The Father Loves You Ministry
"The revelatory writings that you share with me are helpful. I believe these writings are inspired by the Holy Spirit and are profitable for the Body of Christ."

Rev. Paul Anderson, Former Director, Lutheran Renewal
"For several years now Connie has been sharing some of her words with me. These messages are encouraging and uplifting...a gift to the Body of Christ."

Rev. Dr. Eusebius Stephanou, St. Symeon Orthodox Renewal Center
"This book demonstrates that God is not only close to man, but still speaks to his heart in his hour of need. Constance Vanides proves to be a yielded vessel and channel through which God pours out anointed words of love and comfort to mediate comforting grace to those bruised in heart."
(Rev. Dr. E. Stephanou, In Memoriam, June 15, 1924 - May 23, 2016)

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