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GOD'S WILL in Today's World

GOD'S COMFORT for Today's Needs

CONSUELO DE DIOS Para Las Necesidades De Hoy


Christian Devotional Books Online

from Constance Vanides

About These Books

The books are a collection of gentle, psalm-like prophetic inspirations of edification, comfort and exhortation. In knowing and doing what God expects of us, we become and remain acceptable to God and our minds can be put to rest concerning our relationship with Him.  

How To Use These Books

There are any number of ways to enjoy the books. Generally, because of their structure, containing individual messages, it is useful to read a little at a time and consider how the words apply to your life or to the lives of others. Here are some suggestions:

Share individually with others. These messages can be printed and shared directly with another person as a token of your friendship.

Use for scripture study. They can be an opportunity for you to research scripture for confirmation and then to apply the key thoughts in the messages.

Reproduce and hand out individual pages. Permission is given to reproduce and give away the messages as your Christian ministry leads you.

Use as a devotional. Many find ideal use of these books for private meditation and prayer.

Share in small groups or church gatherings. A table of contents and an index is provided for each book to help you locate appropriate themes.

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