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Alphabetical Listing of Message Titles

 A Part of Me  I Know Each Need  Radiance of Joy
 A Servant's Heart  I Lead You Forward  Reach Out
 Abide in My Love  I Live in You  Receive and Be  Healed
 Abounding Love  I Only Am Your  Strength  Receive As a Child
 Accept My Sacrifice  I Set You Free  Release
 Advent  I Weep for Them  Release to Me
 Anointed for Service  I Will Never Turn You  Away  Return to Me
 Armed for Battle  In My Name  Return to My Word
 Authority in My Name  Know Me as Your  Own  Seek the Freedom I  Give
 Be Not Afraid  Know My Love  Seek to Be Close
 Called by Name  Know My Peace  Show That Victorious  Life
 Called to Serve  Life Forever More  Singleness of Heart
 Care for Others  Life in the Spirit  Slave to Righteousness
 Choose Whom You Will  Serve  Listen Only to Me  Stand and Watch
 Choose Wisely  Live in Me  Surrender to Me
 A Part of Me  Look Only to Me  Take Me With Joy
 Communion  Love is the Difference  Tell Them of Me
 Communion II  Meant for You  That I Be Lifted Up
 Death or Life  Miraculous Works  The Command to  Obedience
 Do My Works  My Design for  Marriage  The Deeper Life
 For All Your Days  My Hand Upon Your Life  The Great Deceiver
 Forgiveness of Sins  My Love Now Waits  for You  The Intercessor
 Function As One Body  My Offer to You  The Life Hid With Me
 Gather in My Name  My People Need Me  The Need for Me
 Give Glory to God  My Power Alone  The Pure in Heart
 Give Me Your Best  My Spirit Moves in  Power  The Spirit in You
 Give Me Your  Troubles  My Strength Remains  The Tasks Ahead
 Glory Revealed  My Vessel for Works  The True Witness
 Go in My Name  My Word is Life  The Ways of the Spirit
 God of Power and  Grace  My Word is Power  The Whisper in Your  Heart
 Great Joy in Me  My Word is Yours  The Word of Life
 Here Beside You  Of Your Own  Choosing  Trust and Obey
 I Am the Same Today  Offer the Finest  Trust Not in Man's  Might
 I Am Your Peace  Only Seek My Face  Turn and See Me
 I Am Your Shield  Partners With God  Walking in My Spirit
 I Come Soon  Patience  Wanted: One Lost Will
 I Fill the Aching Heart  Perfect in My Sight  Waver Not
 I Give the Holy Spirit  Praise Me  Yet Shall He Live!
 I Give You My Light  Prison Praises  You Will Find Me

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